This is so much cancer

:مرحبا بكم9ed91074a5368ad9b394081408c3963e

ب يب مافي احد نسيت

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Why that unhappy look on your face? They talk to you so you should be happy right?

Hello there.


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انا جلس ساعتين كيف تبيني سعيد

Not many people were still active on the forum so it may be silent sometimes that you have to wait for hours. I came to check from time to time.

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امم :no_mouth:

People may be busy with other stuff. My friends too I guess.

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اشكرك لاكن انا قد طفشت جداا



ككيفك ليش ماتردي علي منذ زمن

:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

راحت امم

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اهلا حبيبتي

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