The Ultimate Clicker Squad



The Ultimate Clicker Squad is the new clicker game coming on y8 after Epic Clicker stay tuned for more updates.

Ultimate clicker Squad have been released dont forget to check it out and share your feedback.


Nice game, great graphics, innovating! :thumbsup:

Only two small things:

  • auto-scroll to newest reward would be nice (now you have to scroll through the list to find the one you can collect your reward for, and sometimes that’s near the bottom. hahaha)
  • 5 level up per heping hero is a nice thing, but can they be bought with one click too (especcially when you make 1000’s of coins per monster, having to click 5 times for a 10 coin hero is not very funny to do)

Edit: at stage 6, and every hero achieved and kept at their max level, you are only scrolling between the heroes to add 5 more clicks to their levels (and forget to level up your main character in case the next boss needs extra clicking to be killed, let alone the potions… i keep forgetting to buy them too. hahaha)


Another thing i noticed, is that on the last hero, you cannot see its 3rd skill :-/


Updated, please check again and thanks again for the bug report :smile:


es muy bueno el juego


Great! this helps the gamer a lot :slight_smile:


nice game :slight_smile: I would love to play another one of your clicker games!! just msg me


why dont you try



If you are a little low on gold at hand and move your mouse over the “buy hero levels” (so the “buy 5” shows up on all your showing heroes) and then quickly buy all heroes their 5 levels, you can end up with a negative amount of gold at hand.

I guess this only happening because i buy the 5 levels too quickly (before they disappear from showing) :wink:

Another thing that would be nice in this game: being able to buy several main character levels at once (more than 5 per click); i start a new day with several millions of gold, and can buy over 1000 main character’s levels at once :astonished:


Thanks again Croidin, for a bug report, I have asked developer to have a look.



Updated the game please check again.




With a level 10960 main character, adding 50 more levels per click is a lot easier than having to click 10 times to get those 50 more levels :dizzy_face:

Oh, and i notice the dev has fixed the bug too :slight_smile:


es muy bueno el juego y habilidoso


игра норм мне нравится


Great game, but i would like a new hero that’s third ability is to reset, because waiting to beat stage 24 takes a while.


The Ulitamate clicker is so cool


nice game,thanks you very much


Its a ,SuperGame’’ Need TO Play That !!! :jack_o_lantern: :+1:
GG Comunity Create A game with name Super Clicker Monster


me too :smile:we are pro cikerrrrrrr


hello! thank for crate this game and this game is so happy.