The Hunger games!

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If you like the hunger games roleplay’s and stuff are all here and anyone needing support or help just come here!

what is this?


… ok?

Did you say roleplaying? I need to re-read the books, but I love the Hunger Games. I also love Undertale.


i love the hunger gamesThe Hunger Games' Prequel Novel Is Coming in 2020, and Lionsgate Is in  Talks to Develop the Film

The World Of The Hunger Games | Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh  Hutcherson | Lionsgate

I love the Hunger Games


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I’m obsessed with da hunger games

me too

Same lol

is it team or individual? I’m a boy so back a few years ago, i remember The first time i played this game, i got killed by a girl and Lost in defeat, then after that, i broke my PC and smash my monitor, because my heart is feeling depressed.

@Teo2 why do you always write a huge text? this is not a competition for those who write the longest text, they do not need it after all, it is very boring to be reading a great text all the time


The Hunger Games its a crap

no its not

Yes it is

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