The good thing and bad thing about forum

bad things

  1. well it feels like no one is talking to me
  2. @sora2 vandalize the forum and if this girl is spamming anime and she is not talking to you
    just ignore
    she does not care about them
  3. i come to see the forum is dead forever but is not a bad thing
    but what makes you want to stay here?
    good things
  4. moderators are always here to make the forum a better place for everyone but however they could look scary to get you suspended without a warning
  5. maybe i can talk to you about anything you want
    but im not always free

2, 3, and 4 are very true

now we can then find some games on the internet
roblox is good for me but i got no friends
i dont know anyone on this forum
like who can i talk to

welp :skull_and_crossbones:

i hate being bored and alone in my house
just doing nothing but playing games alone

so how are you today?
feels good when you have
someone to play with rather than doing nothing in your life

im am doing good

where is everyone
we need more people here
so that we can enjoy the fun
im doing nothing in my life
so my life is was boring

this website is basically dead

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maybe we find something that is good
do you know roblox?
try it is fun

I do know roblox actually

It looks like a cool game

but personally i prefer Minecraft

The site statistics on here doesn’t actually look that bad.

this aint mystery?

I just get bored I play some games in a day But now I play less games on y8 about y8 forum I try my best to solve other’s problems and also Discuss about my problems
The good thing about me on y8 forum is:
We can solve other’s problems and Discuss with others about our problems maybe if they have a solution
bad thing is:
We cannot add friends I think At beginning when I came here I could not add friends But now I can You guys can click on anyone’s profile and click on add button shown on screen I think so its for adding friends
This was not even bad thing but bad thing was for me when I came on y8 forum many months gone I couldn’t add friends

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