The Forsaken Lab 3D



You are invited to a luxurious island where the forsaken laboratory tried to pull out project X on mankind… Welcome to Forsaken Lab 3D game! The best place in the world where crazy experiment on humanity went too wrong, too fast.

The goal in here is to explore a peaceful looking island where your shooting skills and weapons will help you survive the night. And the day. And the period up to a point until you reach the laboratory. Once you get there, everything changes and the first part of the game ends, but then there is the 2nd part of the game where you can continue your shooting against your zombified enemies.

So what are you waiting for? Keep an eye on your resources, take care to defeat enemies and enjoy playing this cool 3D Shooting game at



and + (plus), I am back! :slight_smile:


Welcome back @Leo16! I Have Been Worried About You!

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