The best facts about y8 forum and y8 games (for my opinion)

  1. the y8 forum is actually using for review or sending the feedback from the games and not actually using from other what we want.
  2. Y8 games is actually free and we can play in laptop or computer
  3. the y8 forum is actually not using for our opinion it just for sending bugs and for feedback for developers.
  4. y8 games and y8 forum is not also for dating remember!
  5. developers is actually using y8 forum for asking the admins what type of games would be create!

no entendi ni un pollito pero bueno


its okay if you do not understand.

es que mi computadora esta en ingles por ejemplo me acabas de escribir okey no importa si no entendiste soy mexicana si y e estados unidos y argentina wtf tonses se ingles
pero no me gusta

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ohh your mexican thats great to know but theres 3 countries you said so where really you relly in country? well thats unknown for me


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me siento mas segura en mxico pero estoy en argentina y el otro año vuelvo a ee.uu

Thank you my brother my age 11 and you :sweat_smile:

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same :laughing:

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yo tengo 16 wtf


:raised_back_of_hand: 15

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no tengo padre :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:


kind of random isn’t it?

Hello there.


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:man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing: LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!

im new here

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Nice to meet you

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wtf no entendi jajjaja

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