@Teo2 only

Why are you so desperate for @Leo16 to talk to you?

no im not
i am just not happy about something that when it comes to social media Like youtube, twitter, Instagram or facebook they are not friendly cause Like theres nothing wrong with my comment and they are still not happy about my comment
i never expect anyone to reply back to me
on her gaming stream shes Like not happy about this comment i put in (i wonder why does she keep Looking at all the comments)
when i did not reply her she left her room and never came back
and then Like when playing roblox, i just want to mute everyone
i put in this comment on Y8 Feeds
telling others that nobody cares about the points or achievements this guy get up from his chair
then when i told someone it’s okay just block this thailand guy name Sawasdee got up from his chair
im Like kind of overwhelmed by all the comments that i have seen because words and comments can hurt feelings and emotions
so i went to this place at night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WepueXwCGpU&t=0s

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Oh sorry

You know you can DM people on this site.

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You can please shut up?

you can dm? how do you do that?

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Hi. Its been a while

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Remember me from back in december 2020?

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She said @Teo2 only, and everyone saw this

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… ace? are you the warmerise ace?

there was literally no need for this topic at all. no offense, but what in fuck was the point of this topic exactly? enlighten me.

Hello @xHaVoc, don’t use hate-speech for all users.

Thank you.


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