Teens only 13 to 15



You said bye bye why did you have to go
Thought we had something but you were just another hoe
Cause of this breakup you got me snorting snow
Wow, I’m really at my lowest low
Never mind you better forget that
I’m about to destroy you with this track
Shouldn’t of believed what you said you were talking smack
You lied straight to my face and stabbed me in the back
I gotta move on
You are long gone
Expressing my feelings through this song
We went back and forth like ping pong
I’m smashing my chest like King Kong
Smoking cheese out a bong








hey u want to hear a song I am working on??


so what yo soundcloud cause thoes lyrics were fire


oh thxs ok I waill show u the link.






yep and give me a 2 min I have to use the bathroom brb. k.


got it


it is being delaed gve me a sce. ago sorry for any incovcied.


no prob


ok ready.





thxs but I am trying to get the words.


ya i understand


here u go https://soundcloud.com/keyson-lehrer/cry-with-vocals


ok. here is a nother one