Teach me about change email, password account in this forum

I want know about change email and password of account in this forum because last topic of mine is happy moment, then 1 time i check and it became sad moment, and my email, password of account in this forum is same with my old account game, just some player know my gmail and password of account game

You can’t


bruh really



Kien6127 how Pass hack ?

i didnt change password yet

Idk why this site is mean

me yes ?

Kien6127 new Pass lol?

no, still old pass


you play FT me Guest10001 new Pass play :slight_smile:

nah, nevermind about acc guest10001, and play your acc mk123456

why me no play FT <:(

MK123456 have blsater 5+ all cool I am run fsat ?

no, just increase 6% when ugraded max, ugrade is no need, you need buy all heros first

10 Cool Glitches in Freefall Tournament 2021! :boom: FFT All Bugs<“Refreshing”
you me buy hero scout and tank and shocker and bomber and commando.

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