Tank Off πŸ’₯ Tanks, Action, Adrenaline, Fun & Multiplayer. What's more?

Y8.com presents Tank Off game, an exciting multiplayer tank shooter game.

The game has been developed by Martian Games.

Fully 3D, you control a huge battle tank equipped with sturdy shield armor and a powerful, deadly cannon.

Move over a range of different maps and destroy opposing tanks. Use your cannon to detonate them into oblivion! :boom:

The main game mode is to capture the flag.
A typical match opposes the Red Team :red_circle: vs the Blue Team :large_blue_circle:. Try to steal the enemy flag without being destroyed and bring it back safely to your base.
But be careful and defend your own base and prevent enemies from stealing it!

This title has nice graphics, and the tank controls are easy to learn.

Once you have some XP, you can spend your points on upgrading your tanks. Also, when you get to a higher level, you can unlock new tanks.

Will you master the battlefield as an elite tank commander or will you be the shame of your team?

Gameplay Video :arrow_down:


This game looks fun


Thanks @vazairo! :smiley:

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