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Talk To My Axe is an interactive action game that lets you fight against some scary monsters. Get that axe and potions to fight against those monsters. Don’t forget to collect the gold along the way. Enjoy!

We will need your feedback for Talk To My Axe!

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If you have an idea for the game don’t hesitate to post here thanks :wink:
We worked on a good balancing and may be if the game works on the website we will do another levels

You could also post in comment below the game


pretty fun game actually lol, having a leaderboard makes it feel worthwhile to grind. it would be sweet if there was some kind of items/loot system and like a shopwhere you can buy gear for your char, and then maybe you can keep increasing the difficulty for more xp and so the loot is used for harder things, be cool if it could get significantly harder and harder, with better xp/loot based on how hard it gets.


ooo oo yeah and imagine this, if the difficulty could just keep scaling infinitly, and introduce some rare items you need to find by grinding hard, then change the leaderboards so that the ranking is based on who has completed the highest difficulty, wouldnt even need much more content if it had this, maybe one or 2 more levels with some increasingly hard bosses. loot wouldn’t even have to be complicated could just have 2 axes range and 1 hand, and an armour slot, but make so that there’s rare hard to find items to fill those slots


id feel soo much better doing golem runs if i was trying to find that rare axe! I like having to use strategy at first to since potions arent overly abundant and you can actually get killed if you dont heal, i like how you can kite things and use range if your out of potions and need to heal


Yes I like the idea for increase the difficulty
Thanks for the feedback

Whow it is you who did the highscore :smiley: I understand well why you want an harder game :smiley:


Thanks Zbrown for all your ideas, the most are really cool, I will note all like that if we will do a new game I could pick up some idea from you.

For rare item it is a little complicated, I think we need to improve the gameplay and may be add another weapons
What sort of weapon could be good for this game ?

thanks and have a nice day


Seems interesting. Gonna check it out and leave feedback about it :grin:


Thanks, you can add a comment below the game if you want

Have a nice day ^^


What do you think guys, an arena mode for this game should be good no ?
With wave and a difficulty harder and harder like you want Zbrown :wink:


yeah that might be pretty cool. i was just thinking of being able to to up the difficulty of the regular game. say once you complete the “normal” difficulty, then your able to increase it one notch, and have it so it can keep going up difficulty, so your forced to train your guy to be able to get to the next difficulty, and then make it so it gets the point where its near impossible to get to the next difficulty, unless you train your guy a lot. thats why I thought having items would make it better, cause then your guy can try and find a better item that might help him get to the next difficulty level. even it was just the axe that you can improve that would be good, I was picturing an axe and an armour item slot though. But I don’t know how hard it would be to incorporate items into this game engine. if you could, then maybe you could introduce gold or currency, and have a guy in the town that’s a shop owner who sells a few things.


I like your ideas yes, but not sure we will do that (for now we are working on the idea of arena mode) with enemies waves etc

I will let you know about this

But don’t hesitate to let us some ideas for the arena mode


O a new big high score :smiley:


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aim new wold Champion :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Someone did better than you
Amazing almost 3 millions


The arena mode is coming soon
Prepare to fight