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Here will be added the Superfighters trailers, tips and tricks, and links of the game guide and game link.

Welcome to Superfighters! Pick your favorite fighter and become pro at kicking enemies, challenging your friends to a tense duel match, or ally them through endless survival mode, throwing grenades, shooting with guns, and doing much, much more!

Lets do first things first, which is the basics of Superfighters game. Wrapped in one image, here are all 18 tips made by the developers themselves.

Here is a video file which can help you in learning the basics in Superfighter game:
Watch free video Superfighters Walkthrough
Superfighters Walkthrough
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And here is the Superfighter game itself :slight_smile:
Superfighters game
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You can put new maps

You can put new weapons


please add new maps and weapons


это законченый проэкт



i wish that new weapon and map




noo beo porque noo XD superfighters SF EL DE CRACS SI NO QUE NOo me gusta me gusta que pongan de los uno pudiera jugar con amigos megustaria eso pls porfavo deso eso porfavo aa y soy millonario les dare 100.999.768 millones si se puede jugar con amigos


era mentiras noo osy millonario soy de clase media y otra cosa si ponen (CUSTOOMIZER) me agradaria eso pero era mentira de que le iba apagar srry


add new guns or maps


i thing its not working all the time:confused: :joy:


New maps and weapons? It would be hard as developers are busy on their other games, but I will contact them for sure!




Best game ever,need new update like better graphics or 3D look


can you updated the game and make it more fun


can you make new map’s thank you


They try the best for game and player


Tip from me @KimiJohn for all SuperFighter’s player

1)Try to duck your head while enemies shoot at you or run fast and dive…
2)Powerful gun help you to backoff enemy…
3)Bazooka is really hard to find but most extreme weapon ever,use it to shoot your foes but warning…if he goes on hard mode,he will control that rocket and target at you!
4)1vs2 not everyone like but if that goes on hard mode,try jumping kick to backoff them…if you in 1 vs 2
5)Easy,Medium,Hard…every stage has his own difficult…
6)Try not fall yourself from the higher’s place,Sprint and dive to save your life…Also can knock down enemy
7)If you have skill,try to make’s a fast punch with knock down kick…

thank you for reading,hope you learning fast than other player…






you forgot to add that when your enemy is on hard mode and try to control the bazooka go to a clear area and wait for him… when his about to hit you on the ground from the sky jump or run away :smiley: then he will die