Superfighters Game request


Hello Superfighters developers, im playing this game since childhood and having good time. Nice job developing this game. Iwant you to ask you something, could you make this game multiplayer ? or something like that.

thx for making best game :slight_smile:



not a developer
My brother has played superfighters and superfighters deluxe
heres what he is going to say

the browser version is only local multiplayer meaning you can only play with your friend on the same computer. If you want online multiplayer. I would recommend buying SuperFighters Deluxe. It contains online multiplayer. Local Multiplayer. Campaign, survival mode, map/level editor, mods, etc.

that is all


what in the same cp that’s suck that’s old school.


what do you mean by CP and superfighters isn’t considered old school


that’s are code word from the bluefiles org for us games that played in same computer are considered as old school but cp means cumputer .


Lol makes sense. I just call it Local Multiplayer.


anyway how much money will u make if u publish a game in y8?


not knowing how ad revenue works. I have no idea.


ok thanks for intel.