🚙 Superb driving & shooting game! with Smash Karts.io!

If there’s one cute kart game that deserves attention! it must be this game! :wink: Smash Kart io offers a lot of fun with kart driving & shooting combined! Drive fast and make some explosion! :boom: It’s a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA)! that you can play along with friends! A game play that challenges players to beat as many players to win the round in this epic 3d multiplayer driving/shooting game. You’ve got to see who can become the top player in under three minutes.

Each round consists of up to 8 players in a free for all brawl deathmatch, whoever gets the most kills in three minutes is the winner! :trophy:


Select on down arrow to pick map or simply “Play” to join any random game :video_game:


Get ready to join the fray as soon as you join in! :blue_car:


Drive your kart and grab the mystery boxes :gift: that will reveal random weapon for that moment! :bomb:


Smash other karts! :blue_car: :boom:


If your kart got smashed, you’ve got 6 seconds to respawn back in the game again! :sweat_smile:


Ambush other karts or set up bomb traps. Use the weapon quickly before its gone!


Felling lucky? :crazy_face: You can have multiple kart smash as well! :sunglasses:


Play with the most number of player pawned wins the round! :trophy:


Level up your character and get some free rewards! :star_struck:

Have a lot of fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Play this game here :arrow_down:


Funny game :slight_smile: It reminds Mario Kart games somehow


I like it

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lob the game

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I also played it and it was great

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