🏎 Super Rush Street Racing: Racing game with a scenic view!



Super Rush Street Racing is an exciting car racing game! Don’t miss this chance to drive fancy cars like Fork Stallion, the classic Camora SG, Lombardini Centaurion and many more! :racing_car: :star_struck:

One thing weird is that you can choose any car in the selection without purchasing it. So you get a nice looking car to play for free! :lollipop: :crazy_face: Although you need to get enough points/cash to unlock the other maps.

Surprise bonus! :popcorn: Just pick any car you like! :slightly_smiling_face:

Those are lovely dream cars! :heart_eyes:

Fun Part: You can customize car’s aesthetic by changing its colors, decals and rims! :sunglasses:

The car has also a nitro boost which is surprisingly activated using a :control_knobs: space bar (assuming you’ve already grabbed a nitro :rocket:) , a bit unusual (since mostly its a brake :stop_sign:) But without taking away the fun of driving, try giving it a few minutes & you will find yourself getting used boosting it with that control. :wink:

So grab a sports car :racing_car: of your choice and challenge the race :checkered_flag: so you can unlock other maps! Other maps are surely fun to play that has great surprises, picturesque nature, mountains :mount_fuji: , various curved :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: and sharp turns :construction:, a fishing town, beach :beach_umbrella: and so many places that looks great. Enjoy your race!


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Fun fact: You can choose the fastest car and race with it, @y8rai and @charli_d-amelio!


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