Suggestion and request for IDnet API


If you would like to suggest something about API, how we can make it better.

or would like to request any feature you feel we are missing.

or maybe you think there is scope for improvement.

Feel free to post here.


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Hi, I’d suggest the following features regarding achievements:

  1. Achievement popups - you could use overlay object to animate a rectangle with achievement name and icon sliding into bottom-right corner for a few seconds or just appearing there. Furthermore a click on this popup could open the achievement list.
  2. Achievement progress tracking. The api could use the progress-tracking function for the achievements that include a progress counter. For example “collect 1000 coins” or “Complete 3 levels”. This will require some anti-spam precautions, such as limiting developers not to submit this data frequently. For example “collect 1000 coins” should be updated every level, instead of every time the coin is collected.

Hi Trost,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, we will do our best to work on your suggestions as soon as possible.


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@Ankit @eddie It would be nice if we could enable/disable ads after some period of time.

By the way, I have added few games and it would be great if anyone could approve (or at least reject) these games.
Two weeks after uploading the game, I am still waiting for it.

Thank you for your service.

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Hi Clarus Games, we are working on this hopefully very soon we would have a good solution.


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Spotted a bug: When you edit the achievements, the difficulty gets reset to easy every time.
Also: Is there a way to sort their order?

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Thanks for the heads up. I forgot about that bug. We do have a task setup for sorting achievements.

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@ClarusGames Sorry about that, could you PM me a list or start a new topic? I will make sure to take care of that for you. Also, I will look into how we can fix our app approval process.


@eddie Sorry, I can’t see how to send PM on this forum. What informations you need about games?

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Oops I had to enable private messages. Please send me a list of appids or game titles.

Hello! The scores in the game Epic Clicker Saga Of Middle Earth, about more than 4.000 stages, this some kind of hack yes? Or the score is made playing the hacked version and the player used the save file in normal game to do this. Thats nonsense. I think, only online game saves, be the correct way to post scores in the leaderboard!

Sorry my bad english! Hope u understand!

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I’m checking thanks for the heads up :smile:

and your English is good :smile:

vaii shee yleoo

I want to add Multiplayer feature in my Unity WebGL game using
So is there in way to do this?

Hi Kunal,

Thanks for your interest in multiplayer,its in development stage,we will keep you notified about its completion status.


Great to hear that.
Let me know.

Can someone make a clicker game that has all the clicker game ideas combined?

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i would be glad to test the new clicker games too :slight_smile:

Go check here and dont forget give your feedback in the ultimate clicker thread

Y8 Games