🔨 Striker Dummies: A hammer smashing battle!



Striker Dummies is a casual gameplay about hammer-smashing a dummy! :hammer_and_pick: It looks boring at first but surprisingly, it becomes so addicting to play later on! The goal is to smash the opponent with the hammer! Unleash a power strike as you swing the hammer and do as much damage each round.


Smash hard your hammer against your opponent :hammer: Each set is time limited :timer_clock: so you have got to give your best strike :hammer: each time. The sound of each smash will give you chills! :wink:


Do a bone-crunching smash that will break your opponents back :skull_and_crossbones:


A hit to the body will do critical damage instantly :hammer_and_pick: Decapitating opponent’s head wins the round


Decapitating opponent’s head wins the round, as well as sending your opponent to fall off


Each round can be an exciting battle for strength, fighting for every chance to strike that hammer! :hammer:


As hammers can get locked, these dummies will battle for position by sheer strength


In some rounds, getting your opponents hand cut off will give an advantage, but opponent can still hit fatally. Not over until the body is destroyed and has fallen down.


Result will be shown later when the battle is finished giving you an account on how many strikes you have landed against the opponent and your best strike :sunglasses:

This game is fun and exciting to play and you will surely enjoy it. Better yet, play it with a friend by playing the game’s 2 player mode.

Play this game here :arrow_down:


they be geting there asss beat

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