Strike Force Heroes (The ORIGINAL version)

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Game: Strike Force Heroes (SFH) (The first one only has this problem, others seem fine) Problem: The leveling system is only one exp per level. In the original game, it scaled per level so that it actually felt like an achievement for any one character to hit level fifty, much less all of them. Note that levelling up also levels up base stats, so it does significantly affect the game as to the choices made for pacing purposes. Would it be possible to reupload or tweak the game so that it doesn’t feel like a cakewalk to hit maximum level? Or could you just upload the variant with the original pacing/level scaling and just rename the first one to indicate a more casual approach to the game?

I only say this like I know it’s possible because I’ve played the original variant. Yesterday. Technically, your site is a browser. So upon entering the SFH game, I clicked on the notDoppler logo/portal at the top right from the start screen that brought me to their “modern” page in a new window that alluded to its origins of being a flash-based game webpage. I curiously scrolled down and clicked on the left semi-transparent arrow of the pair on opposite sides of the screen. Then I saw it: the web archive. They didn’t take down their original page out of equal parts nostalgia and historical duty! I couldn’t believe it!
So I clicked in, and went directly to the “Favorites” on the right side with-- what do you know-- SFH. I was very nervous at this point, because various things could happen with an old, archived site. I clicked on the game, and got jumpscared with an ad! Never have I been so happy to see an ad before! But then it went black.
I gulped. I believed, no-- I knew, that this was the proverbial lottery ticket, that there’s very little chance that it would work. However, never underestimate the persistence of a man who has had to fight TOOTH and NAIL through COUNTLESS ads on “knockoff buccaneer” anime sites, because one learns the patience of a madman. And so I reloaded. Another ad popped up. Hope, then disappointment, as the compost ad gave way to another black screen.

My palms were sweating at this point with anticipation. One more reload. A pause, and then… “Loading Assets,” on a very familiar menu start page. I named my character Esperanzo, as that is what brought me to this platform against all my fears. I beat the intro episode, then deleted the window and quickly returned back. “Welcome back, Esperanzo.” I double checked campain progress. Still there. I played a few games. I wasn’t leveling up like some sort of Battlepass nonsense on steroids. Everything was how I remembered it.

And for the piece de resistance? I closed completely out of the browser, fearing that cookies cleared would disrupt the save file in some way.

It didn’t.

So for those of you that preferred the harder method of levelling up, go for my method! Remember to be patient for the first initial loads before it will work.

Everyone else who just wants to level up fast and play the campaign and challenges with few strings attached? Please; ignore this. I appreciate you as well for at least giving one of my favorite flash games a whirl.

Good Night!

P.S. I did file this under “bugs” because the variant directly accessible on this platform has scuffed scaling. Imagine being max level on everything on Skyrim just because you killed twenty dragons? It kinda kills the sense of progression, so if that wasn’t a creative decision, I would like to see that remedied, if possible. I just happened upon a solution that’s crazy that it even works. So if anyone else felt like they were missing out on the grind that the original game had to offer, this post is for you.

P.P.S. Can we get some love for the people still keeping up the archived notDoppler page sent their way? I really appreciate that they still kept it up even as the status of Flash games look somewhat bleak. Kudos to them!

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