🦸‍♂ Sticky Fight with Stickman Heroes Battle

Looking for some crazy fun Super Hero game? Let’s take a look at Stickman Heroes Battle :man_superhero: which is a super exciting game to play as superheroes brought to you by Y8.com! It’s a sticky duel with your favorite super heroes and villains. Play a random super hero :man_superhero: or the notorious villain :man_supervillain: It’s a casual game yet fun and easy to play! :crazy_face: Simply try to destroy the other stickman hero :smiling_imp: before he kills you! :skull_and_crossbones:


Here goes your fave super hero with their familiar signature shots :superhero:


Play any random super hero, aim and shoot your moving target :dart:


It’s tricky to move and aim at the same time and that makes it fun & challenging :crazy_face:


Grab shield that will be active for a few moment :umbrella:


Stay away from sharp pointed blades :dagger:, they surely hurts :joy:


Grab this health bag :handbag: to extend your life :man_health_worker:


Get opponent super hero torn into pieces! :broken_heart:


Defeat your opponent and play again any random super heroes! :dark_sunglasses: Destroy as many as you can and achieve your own high score record for this game! :trophy:

Set your high score for this game with Y8 high score feature! Play this game online or in your mobile gadgets :iphone: :wink:

Enjoy playing this game here :arrow_down:

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