Steam version


Is the steam version ever going to get released:thinking:


Yes its going to release soon.


will i get to transfer my progress from the browser to the steam version or will i have to start over


Thats a good question, but I cant answer about it for now.

all I can say for now we’ll try our best to check if there is a possibility to do so.


So the transfer of progress from browser to steam is not confirmed?
So people who are high ranked and have a lot of progress will have to start over if they want to go on the Steam version?

Are you kidding me?


he did not say that joe, it not being confirmed does not mean it will not exist


yesss its coming bois. :sunglasses: also I think they’ll be using the same database (I might be wrong) meaning that everyone will have their accounts


@Joll might be done with the 64 bit exe, I think he is working on the 32 bit exe


if we lose our accounts I can say it may be a good thing… cuz now I don’t have anything to play for.
but i don’t mean I want to reset


We will have a transfer progress tool , its been worked on yes.