Status of game submission

Hi, I uploaded my game bloxd a while ago but haven’t heard back. It would be great to know if it’s been rejected or there need to be changes made?

It’s worth noting the ad in the top left corner and the link to crazygames in the bottom-right won’t show when hosted in a y8 iframe :slight_smile:


I noticed that y8 used to host doodlecube and bloxdhop via a gamemonetize iframe but no longer does so. A while ago I realised I was showing a larger banner inside gamemon bloxd game iframes, which I’ve removed. I operate bloxd as a live service game so sometimes regressions happen :confused: Not a bad actor!

Bloxd is the #1 minecraft game on crazygames (ranked #3 for the search “free minecraft”) and #2 io game. According to semrush y8 has a similar pc-centric demographic so I think it’d perform very well here.

@Bad_Request I’ve seen you post in this forum, is there anything I can do? If there are guidelines that bloxd breaks, it’d be great to know so I can work to address them.


Hello, we can share you ingame revenue if you can add our ads, may I know if your game is html5 or unity ?

for faster conversation, you can email me also


Sent you an email :slight_smile:

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