🦑 Squid Game Sniper: Don't let any squid game player escape!

Squid Game Sniper is a fun sniper shooting game to play on. I’m quite sure you’ve already watched Squid Game - a really popular survival drama television series :sunglasses:. In this game you play a role as a sniper on top of a containment bunker :tokyo_tower: . Players are trying to escape and your order is to not let anyone escape! So you have to be a quick sharp shooter sniper! Let’s take a look at some highlights for this game! :squid:

Scene from the Squid Game :squid:


In this game, you play as the sniper and this is your mission order :spiral_notepad: :dart:

Are you ready to do this job? :gun:


You are on top of a containment bunker holding your sniper rifle. Shoot anyone who tries to escape! :dart:

squidgamesniper8 :radio_button:

You are in the center and the red ones are players escaping from the bunker :tokyo_tower:


Be quick to rotate your aim. Right-click to use your sniper scope to zoom-in on escaping players :mag_right:


The real challenge of this game is how to keep up with fast-escaping players :running_man: :sweat_smile:


Game is over when one of the player escaped! :warning:

Enjoy playing this sniper game brought to you by Y8! and aim for high score with Y8 highscore feature for this game!

Play it here :arrow_down:

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