🏎 Sprint Club Nitro: Racing F1 cars

Feel like racing a high speed formula 1 car? This cool game lets you play F1 cars on the race track with brilliant graphics! :sunglasses:

The race :racing_car: begins by starting in the last position from the starting line. It’s quick to accelerate and so its easy to catch up with other race cars specially each time you grab the nitro. Drive like a pro you can easily make your way to 1st position! :1st_place_medal: :sunglasses:

You must avoid bumping with other cars or go to the sides as it will slow down the car :warning:

Race it in the beautiful City! :cityscape:

Race it with scenic mountain views in the background :mount_fuji:

Race it in the Desert! :desert:

At the end of each race you earn cash based on your finishing position – you can use this cash to purchase upgrades for your vehicle to boost its power and handling.

This game can also be played on your touchscreen mobile device so take to the track today and start racing! :racing_car:

Watch the walkthrough video of the game :arrow_down: Enjoy this game! :wink:



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