🎇 Rebalance 4 🎇 (voting open until 6/16/2018)

Does overall speed of sliding need a nerf (on some classes a bit more)

  • Yes
  • No

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In case u voted ‘yes’ please write which classes are (in ur opinion) most ‘troublesome’ when it comes to sliding.

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that order

I’m going to vote no, because slowing down the characters will slow down the game, and on some matches, it can be pretty slow already. Maybe slow down blaster if anything, considering he’s supposed to be a heavy class and still manages very high speeds.

Seria muy bueno que lo hicieran con el Tank

Apply it with the Tank

Lol… these rebalancing threads are funny. Still can’t believe that the former mods and I wasted so much time discussing rebalancing only for it to go to waste. Now you guys are back to square one asking players what we already dicussed extensively over a long period of time.

Anyways hope this balancing stuff/steam goes well. For some reason I never forgot this game because it was the first official game I played when I was younger. I’ll never play FFT again because I’ve moved on, but hopefully you guys will make the new generation players happy. It’s just sad that you guys couldn’t satisfy the old players and keep us from quitting because of the changes to the game/lack of updates. Good luck with the future of FFT. Glad to see some familiar names around here still.

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Only for heavy classes.

It would be slow 5-10%, not like 50%. :slight_smile:

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Its nice to slide.
Makes you fast
I like speed

This way I see it
When using the upgrades I get a bit faster each time, when playing on my other pc when fft didn’t have the feature where you could link your fft or Kong accounts, I was able to go up to 90-98 mph. Since my footwork upgrade is at level 2 or 2%, I can go up to 130-150 from just Strafe jumping across a long area to run away from enemy players.

I see the community thinks that upgrades are really useless in alot of ways but what I see is that it can change your heroe over time which can make you better than the other player.

I voted no, I just felt like wrighting this post out that if you did Nerf the speed, then max footwork upgrade would be too OP for anyone.

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