🧿 Sniper Mission: Shoot and Survive!

Sniper Mission is a shooting game that will test your sniper skills to another level. In this game, you are given only five minutes :clock4: to shoot all the enemies and survive their attacks. You have to be sharp shooter and speed and accuracy will be key to win this game.


You are in a watch tower :tokyo_tower: waiting for your targets :nazar_amulet:


Enemies will sure come to get you! :skull_and_crossbones:


It quickly escalates into a bloody rampage on the gate :fire::anger:


Tips: Head shot gives you higher points :dark_sunglasses:


To survive this game, you will have to keep shooting down enemies coming from this area


If you allow them to take their position, It will be a lot harder to stop them when they start shooting simultaneously at you! So take them down as quickly as you can and watch for the time! :clock4:


So aim to complete the mission by staying alive in the given time! :dark_sunglasses:

Enjoy playing this sniper game! Set your own high score for this game with Y8 High score feature and set milestones with Y8 achievements feature!

Play the game here :arrow_down:

Or watch the game walkthrough here :arrow_down:


Now thats a game that i wanna play :star_struck::star_struck:

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