Small Vent

Hey, so I’ve been pretty active here for a long time now and I finally gained the confidence to tell something that I’ve been hiding for a long time. I won’t put to much and I am not gonna force you to have sympathy over me.

I’ve been dealing with chronic nausea and sometimes stomachaches for over a year now. It has affected both mentally and emotionally to the point where I had to seek help since last year. I’m in and out of medical facilities very often and nothing seems to help.

It has caused me a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression to the point where I have had so many dark and concerning thoughts (I would rather not say exactly due to it being triggering). And I would like to thank everyone here in the forums and the main site for helping me hope through all of this. This is the only time I’ll say something about this certain topic.

Anyways I really hope you all are grateful for feeling “normal” with zero stressor nor difficult challenges you are facing.


Ahh =-O


Yes, some people are not grateful for being normal, I have dyschromatopsia, it is a problem that I cannot differentiate the colors, I cannot paint a drawing without the help of someone to tell me that the face is green

Oh my god!Max?
Are You kidding?

I have it since I was a child it is hereditary my grandfather had it

My brothers too

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