🌐 Slope Multiplayer Review β€” Hard, but in a good way



Hello my fellow players! :grin:

Slope Multiplayer (by Y8.com) is a skill/reflex game, released a few months ago, the worthy successor to Slope, first of its name.
Yes, the same one that was the cause of so many deaths among computer keyboards.:keyboard::skull: For the most part, we really liked it! Although we hate to admit it, some games are so much better with a keyboard.

And since it’s a web game, you can play it right here, right now. How convenient isn’t it? :face_with_monocle:

Slope Multiplayer is a high-speed 3D avoidance game that requires good reflexes so as not to fall or crash miserably against the obstacles that you will encounter during a hectic descent, to say the least!
All in a universe mixing 3D and neon style that somewhat reminds the universe of the film Tron.

And to say that the game is β€œrather fast” :zap: would be a gross understatement.

The great novelty of this opus lies in the fact that it is β€” as the name suggests β€” multiplayer.
No, you will no longer be the only one to pull your hair out, now you are also competing with other players all around the world :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia: to finish first on the finish line and get the highest score.

We all felt it, right? This little joy tinged with satisfaction when we see a competitor crashing and blocking on an obstacle while delighting the crown of first place :crown: . I’m sure you did, little devils! :smiling_imp:

Do you think you have what it needs to be the best? :trophy:

Did you like the game?

  • Yeaaah! :star_struck:
  • Not bad :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Could be better :confused:
  • Meh. :unamused:

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mabey idk do u


Well, to be honest, nope :smiley: I’m always bumping on those pesky walls


do u think u can be the best


who did u get my frined requset


also ur pic is cute






play this game itz good no cap


im like in 4th place in all time scores


who wants 2 play wth me?


Better than the original honestly!


Yes @tyyp




i raced the best player and beat him


try to race me?


Nope, I have the problem to the connection




o ok


esto es geniaaaaaaaal