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RM. Did you read my post, “BTS Insider?” You have to know these nicknames to be an ARMY


Hold on I might have a link for you to find the quotes from BTS.

  • I am worldwide handsome."

  • “Hannah Montana says nobody’s perfect, but here I am.”

  • “Suga,genius. These two words are enough.”

  • “You like chain? Three dollars”

  • Lets go party turn up

  • Stop playing hard to get before I kick you in the butt

  • My heart boom boom

  • Hey you pretty — How much is this?— EXCUSE MEEEE

  • Jimin, you got no jams

  • Jimin you nice keep going

  • Listen boy, my first love story

  • I Purple You

  • Infires man … Inspires man

  • P-I-Z-Z-A , PIZZA! , P-A-S-T-A , PASTA!

  • I like Hamburgs… and Sprite!

  • My favorite word is pigeon

  • I’m a very Loser

  • Dashi run run run

  • Sh*t down

  • Sy Pn Star

  • Beach … Btch? … Beach? … Btch?

  • Justin Seagull

  • niceu paprika

  • Chicken noodle soup

  • LA Maaann

  • Oh man, holy sh*t

  • I was so impressed

  • Toooonnyyy!!

  • I have no friends

  • I’m your hope, your my hope, I’m Jhope

  • Mulk? … Melk? … Aaaahhh Milk.

  • I know face but I don’t know name … I know movie but I don’t know movie name.

  • I hate snakeu.


  • I’m never losing my virginity, because I never lose.

  • I cut off my bangs accidentally. I thought my life had ended.

  • I’ve changed my name to J-horse now.

  • My name is … Jungkook, scale is … international playboy

  • Hey stob it

  • English ins’t a barrier when you’re as cute as me

  • Smell


  • Even when I’m in the bathroom, I’m thinking of Army

  • S.T.O.P … I.T.!!

  • I’m God, yeah I’m good … I’m nervous

  • Swag

  • Dirty water


  • Pardon

  • Rap monster, not dance monster

  • I’m proud of you maaaan

  • I was born in busan first

  • Do you know BTS?

  • I am not your oppa

  • Strong power, thank you

  • Important bussineseu

  • In my next life I want to be as a rock

  • you don’t know annyenhaseyo

  • One night in the strange sh*tty

  • Twenny, twenty

  • Pornessio parrappio

  • Bread genie

  • IndiviSually

  • Wait, what is this special topic

  • I lobe you!

  • When I think about the lords…

  • Where are you?

  • Are you foreigner?

  • Be quiet

  • Okay Jimin just close your mouth and uh, follow my lead okay?

  • Hashtag I ne juuuuu

  • English is so easy

  • Can I have some bottle of watah? Harry Potter? Professah? Shut up Malfoy, shut up.

  • I’m koala

  • 4 million thank you army army love you

  • You’re my everything

  • You friends with a girl? No. So she’s a girlfriend? No! Then what? It’s complicated.

  • Heartbreaker?

  • Excuse me? Do you got time?

  • Do you see some dance?

  • Gurl, gurrr, girl, gur, gur, gir-rel, girl

  • Ay, do you know hip-hop? What’s poppin’?

  • Taehyung ah Hwarang no here

  • Will you marrying me?

  • Washa doin’?

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Yeah, I’m African-American.
Park Jimin
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