Slam Dunk Fest! Basketball io



I can’t find other game as exciting as this one where i can feel the fun of slamming the ball :basketball: to the hoop so hard! It feels good!! If you love basketball this one is for you! Try out and get the chance to feel like playing as skillfully as the likes of Lebron James :basketball_man: or Kobe Bryant! :smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s quite easy to play! Just dribble and drive the ball to the dunk area and prepare for the emphatic slamdunk! So hard that it blows :tornado: other players flying all over the place! How fun can this be?

Play defense by protecting the ball and blocking the opponent and grabbing them when you can.

:arrow_right: Play it Now!


that is a great game


yes indeed :slightly_smiling_face: :basketball_man:


Great game, addictive, fantastic and much awesome!


But Kobe Bryant Died, his basketball was expiring his own life.


But i like and love your profile! :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


I think Stephen curry better




@y8rai i like and love your profile!