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Silent Soldier 3D is a new and popular game here on the game comes with our achievements and high score API, online save, and achievements. If you are looking for a solid shooter than Silent Soldier 3D is the game for you.

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Sorry, dude. I’m really crazy to play this game. In the 5th mission of this game, I just can take 1 medkit with press E at the first room, and then, I cannot press E again to take other medikit, weapon and the document at the other room! I need some help, please!


Yes, same problem. First med pack works, the rest doesn’t.

#4 , please fix this game. It has some kind of trouble and problem in this game. Once I can’t take any equipment in this game, I will can’t continue to finish this game.


Hello there, Silent Soldier Fans :slight_smile:

We have processed your problems to the dev of the game, and soon we’ll have a working solution. Btw, weren’t you able to complete the game with only 1 med kit? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, hehe


Hi, Tactican and others, who have bug on 5 level. I’m is game developer and I can say, that it will be fixed
soon. This bug was already fixed a long time ago, but in development progress “fix” changes was rejected and bug appeared again, but in testing it wasn’t spotted. :frowning:


Can’t activate radio at factory!!! Can not get inside the factory!!! Please fix bugs


Hello, dude. I got some new problem in this game: Is about the sniper rifle shot, please bug fixed!
When I playing the mission from level 6 to level 8, I used my “Barrett” Sniper Rifle to shoot some enemy. But I got some kind of problem with the crosshair zoom scope aim:

Mission level 6 - When I ran to the enemy’s behind, I choose to shot them from far away, and I do my best to make precision aim to a moving enemy with one sniper shot, I was used the crosshair zoom scope to aim him and shot him, but he didn’t die yet, whatever I aim him with the body shot or headshot with only one shot, he didn’t down, and I need to killed him with 3, 4 shot so he will down and never get up. I’m shocked when I can’t killed a moving enemy with one precision sniping shot!

Mission level 7 - When I reached the enemy base with factory, I sneak inside their hostile territory as a stealth ninja, and then I used my sniper rifle to tried to shot down two moving enemy which are moving around the factory and building, and I was used the crosshair zoom scope to aimed, but I was tried to do my best, I still cannot killed a moving enemy with only one sniper shot, I need to take them down with at least 3, 4 shot each moving target so I can killed them, but I was really insane, why I can’t killed a moving enemy with only one sniper shot?

Mission level 8 - When I reached inside the lab, I was killed some moving enemy patrol on the way to a big room have red light. And then, I saw a enemy guard stand at the end corner of the red light room, he just stand here and not moving, and then I used my “Barrett” Sniper Rifle to shot him with only one shot. I was used the crosshair zoom scope to aim that enemy because he didn’t moving, but I was do my best, whatever I aimed that enemy’s head or his body, he didn’t died with one sniper shot, and then he come to me, and I must killed him with the second shot, and he will down, but this view was make me not really happy. I remembered he’s just stand there and not moving, but why I can’t killed him with one sniper shot. This is really make me insane!

Mission level 9 - I didn’t used my sniper rifle to killed some enemy, because I just used the knife to backstabbed them without alarm. In this level, my sniper shot have not problem with aimed the enemy, ever aimed with the crosshair zoom scope. Because this level is fine, I didn’t have got the missed sniper shot again in this level, and I can killed the enemy with one shot one kill. Just the sniper bullet is cannot make “One shot Two kill” only.

Dude, I’m still try to do my best to aimed the enemy with the sniper rifle shot, but I’m still cannot killed some enemy with only one sniper shot and make me insane! And I was aimed the enemy with thought the crosshair zoom scope, but it’s seen I cannot killed them with only one sniper shot, sometimes you need at least killed them with 3, 4 sniper shot, how could be this happening!

Dude, please bug fixed, one sniper shot are still cannot killed the enemy with “One Shot, One Kill”.


Hi! I couldn’t remember which mission “I” got into. I just remembered that “I”'d got into a lab, had killed a guard and had triggered a red alarm. The then objective needed “me” to escape from a door, but after “I” tried every door in the tunnel, “I” found “I” couldn’t escape from there, was stranded and was bombed to death at the end of this mission. Could somebody tell me where the door for escaping is?