⚰ Short Life 2! Deadly adventurous game



Hello friends,

Let’s play Short Life 2 game.

This is an adventurous game with loads and loads of traps which can kill instantly :skull_and_crossbones:. I love this game, because it show the main nature of life we have to live. A single mistake can make us to pay very heavy costs. Don’t afraid friends, this game works as simulator for our lives.

Now coming into this game, Short Life 2 Excellent physics game with deadly traps.

Main task in this game is our rag-doll hero needs to reach endpoint. Here you can walk , crawl, and use rope ways and other heavy pushing objects to avoid traps, well it is not so easy as said, you can see the traps right? there are thrones, sharp objects, bombs, crushers and etc.

Move on the track and escape from the traps, sometimes you have to wait to get at exact time where you can cross and some times you have to take risk and have to do adventure the get out from the traps.

If you get hit by traps, our hero dies instantly with lots and lots of blood oozes out, this could be gore or torture for some of us. But no worries, we always can restart the game.

Upgrade hero to get more powers.

Don’t give-up guys, try to complete all levels. I throw a challenge to you friends, complete the game and message your best score or highest level you reach in comments box.


i played it


Me too

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