⚰ Short Life 2! Deadly adventurous game



Hello friends,

Let’s play Short Life 2 game.

This is an adventurous game with loads and loads of traps which can kill instantly :skull_and_crossbones:. I love this game, because it show the main nature of life we have to live. A single mistake can make us to pay very heavy costs. Don’t afraid friends, this game works as simulator for our lives.

Now coming into this game, Short Life 2 Excellent physics game with deadly traps.

Main task in this game is our rag-doll hero needs to reach endpoint. Here you can walk , crawl, and use rope ways and other heavy pushing objects to avoid traps, well it is not so easy as said, you can see the traps right? there are thrones, sharp objects, bombs, crushers and etc.

Move on the track and escape from the traps, sometimes you have to wait to get at exact time where you can cross and some times you have to take risk and have to do adventure the get out from the traps.

If you get hit by traps, our hero dies instantly with lots and lots of blood oozes out, this could be gore or torture for some of us. But no worries, we always can restart the game.

Upgrade hero to get more powers.

Don’t give-up guys, try to complete all levels. I throw a challenge to you friends, complete the game and message your best score or highest level you reach in comments box.


i played it


Me too


Ok I have finished the game with all stars and having also finished Short Life 1 I wanted to make a little review, the game is interesting but it has one significant problem. I suspect that the creator has nerfed the jump by about a third compared to Short Life 1. This makes obstacles that are avoided by jumping extremely difficult. All other levels that do not have significant floor based hazards that require jumping are much much easier. Not all floor based hazards are the same and by far the most difficult are these round based spikes that first appear in level 3, some void based ones where you have to jump from building to building and some other ones. Before I speak of the infamous level 13 I would like to point to something else. Point grabbing first appears in level 1 but it is explained in later levels! So someone has to guess what he is supposed to do to get to the other side and manage to grab the star as well, that is quite bad design and the effects of point grabbing should be explained from the start rather than requiring the player in level 1 to guess them while explaining them in later levels. Now on the infamous level 13, it is just the worst, it has all these floor level hazards, the flying rockets are of course hard by themselves but relatively to what comes next they are a piece of cake. The last part of the stage combines the absolute worst, the need for a jump from a distance over this semi-sphere with spikes which is the most difficult obstacle in the game as well a second spiked semi-sphere that you have jump without having the room for momentum. The most difficult part however is the first one where you have to jump from a distance. The benefit in height with jumping from that house doesn’t benefit you too much as your speed and momentum is stalled mid jump, to pass the first semi-sphere I had to jump and then crouth mid-air as that gave me a split second before my feet touched the spikes as well as perhaps it partly broke the mid-air stalling. It is not impossible to jump it without crouching as I did manage to pass it once but my success ratio with the crouching was significantly better so I think the crouching helps. As for the second semi-sphere you don’t have enough room to build momentum as the first semi-sphere is too close and there is always the danger that you die by accident. I have to say that I had to restart at least 100 times from level 13, possibly even double that. For a game that the average I had to restart on other levels was 3-4 times that amount is obscene, that is what shows also that the issue with the jump-necessary hazards wasn’t because the creator wanted to make the game difficult but rather because he didn’t calibrate it right. Even level 3 which was the second most difficult level took me a tenth of the restarts level 13 took me. As for the other obstacles the rockets caused about a 5th of the restarts, the hanging bombs killed me once, the minigun caused less than 5% of the restarts and the arrows killed me 2-4 times. I suggest to the creator to increase the height of the jumps by at least 20% to a third as long as he playtests it so that doesn’t case the jumps to be fatal for celling hazards (the forks that come from the top and bottom come to mind). I might come back later to this review to edit it so it becomes more polished. Finally I would like to say that I gave the game a thumbs down however I am planning to remove it once a day passes. I have to add this, if it wasn’t for my computer having a 12 hour anti-virus scan I would have never wasted all these hours to pass level 13 and probably would have quit by level 3.


this is easy when you know how to run and jump