Shell Shockers - Requested Game

Ello :grin: :wave:,

My first requested game is Shell Shockers, a .io game. A game about eggs with GUNS!
You have modes to play like Teams, FFA (Free For All), and Capture the Spatula.
Please add it, itโ€™s pretty fun :heart_eyes: :+1:
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  • pretty cool!

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Yes,IT is

ive played this alot, but i found some errors.
firstly, the bullet spread is absolute garbage, and the game is just unbalanced.
the communitys toxic, and people abuse everything.
also the phychics are pretty bad.
but i hear where your coming from.

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I do the points your coming across. Yes, if your getting blank shots with no damage then thatโ€™s another error. Keep practing and youโ€™ll become better at the time.

the bullet spread is unbearable. they say it โ€œmedium rangeโ€ but i cant even hit them while my crosshair is literally on them. the bullet spread sucks so bad i dont even play anymore.

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