🦈 Sharkosaurus Rampage >> Dangerous Breed on Ravage

Sharkosaurus Rampage is a ravage and deadly game to play. Some where on the secret island :desert_island: there are some experiments being done. :shark: :skull_and_crossbones:

They have created the latest and extremely dangerous species, which is a mix of shark and dinosaurs. The hybrid and very intelligent output they got here is Sharkosaurus, which set free itself and it is on a rampage in the lab. Sharkosaurus want to escape from the lab, so help this dangerous creature to set free and really blood thirsty :drop_of_blood:

This dangerous Sharkosaurus is very hungry. This Sharkosaurus is really interesting, head is from shark and body is from Dino. Eat all the humans running away :running_man:

So creating the special species is always dangerous, so to be true, it will kill its creator first. So be the Sharkosaurus and eat the persons who intervein with. :lab_coat: :shark:

destroy all the obstacles inside the lab. Clear all the deadly levels and win the game. As Sharkosaurus is really hungry, it will feed on everything.

As we know, this is really hybrid and intelligent. It equip with weapons, so collect and destroy the weapons boxes everywhere you find. :gun:

Have fun and enjoy this ultra realistic graphics and play lot more games only on y8.com. Play this game and enjoy here on this link.

Note: this game has bit violence, so weak hearts think before you play.

Gameplay Video: :arrow_heading_down:


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