๐Ÿฆˆ Shark Ships: An intense 3D boat racing

Water racing games are always fun, y8.com brought a new game with the realistic 3D boat racing grahics. Normally we see road racing games, how about experiencing water racing games, these are not regular right, now let us see this game. :video_game: :speedboat:

This racing game has some unique qualities. Interesting boat shapes, unimaginable upgrades to the boats, and favorite selection of colors, and a lovely island. :racing_car:

We are here on the seashore to race against each other. So get ready for your shark boat to race and reach the destination first to win the race. Select any number of laps you can and try to beat all the opponents. :desert_island: :racing_car: :motor_boat:

Evade all the obstacles in between and be safe from the defense system opponents have. Collect and unlock the powerups in between to get more help. You can find missiles, bombs, and more powerups in the collectibles and use them to destroy your opponentโ€™s boats and win the race. Try all the tracks and have fun. :gift: :bomb: :motor_boat:

We have two modes here, race and spectator, enjoy any mode and have fun. Play more racing games only on y8.com.

Experience the best boat racing game from the below link.

Gameplay Video :arrow_heading_down:

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Great review @Annumamatha :star_struck: Really enjoyed reading every part of it. You are natural at reviews. Thank you :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

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I have few new games, if you like to review them that would be great.

These both are mine game but bitcoin man madness game is close to my heart as I written all its story and made sure graphics were top notch.
So if I can have review about them that would be great help for getting my games played.

I hope you are fine btw :slightly_smiling_face:

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