Russian Car Driver HD Glitch


Does anyone know why I completed all the parking levels and got all as 1st place except one but it won’t let me play the middle difficulty levels?

Please help me!



It is also for the racing mode :sleepy:

Hello. you must be 1st on all race levels to proceed to middle difficulty

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Is the game any good?

@y8rai Thank you, 12th level parking is impossible to get first place :sleepy:

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yeah its hard to get the 1st place that’s the game challenge. i feel you :joy: :wink:

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@y8rai Thank you

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@Jessie1 Yes


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Also, I got 1st place on the Championship mode on all levels and I still have the problem like I did have with the parking. Also, on my reply from 5 days ago, I meant Lvl 4, not Lvl 12

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