Russian Car Driver HD : A Great Driving Simulator Set in Russia



Russian Car Driver HD is a 3D driving game :oncoming_automobile: where you can get behind the wheel of a beater car and participate in tons of different events. And you can do all this with pretty realistic collisions and physics. :muscle::racing_car:

This game offers tons of different game modes. You have the free mode where you can drive however you want around a country setting, race against clock, simple parking. :desert_island:

This realistic simulation game gives you a real feel into how the car handles and how you have to master the controls to keep this beast moving. Drive through the off road and complete different tasks in different modes. :racing_car:

You can play different modes in this games, We can clearly say this is a big bundle of regular car games where you can drive as taxi, parking and racing and a lot more.:oncoming_automobile::bus:

Enjoy the cool and realistic environments with largest rivers and other waterfalls, bridges with realistic car physics and different camera modes where you can be first person and as well as third person while driving.

We have other tasks in this game, All you need to do is to carry our friend and drop him at the location and it goes on like the story mode, this will be followed on the free ride too.

Enjoy the cool and pleasant climate where you have really cool car to drive on.

Where you can perform simple stunts and follow the gps to reach the destinations and have lots of fun playing this game.

Discover the beautiful landscape that awaits you or compete in different challenges to become the ultimate long-distance trucker.

There are 6 awesome game modes to play. All are super fun to take part in. Have fun!

Gameplay Video:


Still fun to play even after years :slight_smile:



How’d you get a picture of my car

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