Rum & Gun — An incredible indie Action RPG with pirates! 🏴‍☠

Ahoy mateys! :pirate_flag:


You always wanted to be free and explore far lands beyond the 7 seas? :ocean:

Well, don’t wait any longer, and play Rum & Gun right now!


In Rum & Gun, you’ll impersonate a pirate :pirate_flag: in a journey across the Indian Ocean, uncover the secrets of the Drunken God, and become, maybe, a legendary pirate captain.

Rum & Gun is a high-quality action/RPG game set on an island :desert_island: .


Problem: the island is inhabited by armed pirates and dangerous crustaceans :crab: (among other things).


Fight against enemies, collect gold :moneybag:, and don’t forget to drink rum :tumbler_glass: if you are hurt :heavy_heart_exclamation:.


With the collected gold, you will be able to unlock more powerful weapons, new clothes that will protect you better, and even improve your liver for better absorption of rum!


Rum & Gun is a demo PC game made by Borington, that you can buy on the Steam platform.
Borington is a one-man development project based in Transylvania :romania:.

With its beautiful graphics and enjoyable gameplay, you’ll love this game!



Gameplay Video : :arrow_heading_down:

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Looks cool



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