Royal Warfare 2. Official Help, Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks


Royal Warfare 2 is a new real time squad defense game. Hire soldiers, promote them, deploy on the battlefield and smash your foes! There are 30 campaign missions to complete, 10+ unit types to select from, 100+ abilities to upgrade, 45 achievements to unlock, ~30 enemy species to kill, and a highly demanded survival mode.

This is the Official Forum Topic where players can write their suggestions, feedback, thoughts, bugs, or just to get in touch with the developer. I read each comment, and you can be sure that your words will be heard.

The game can be played here:

Royal Warfare 2 is a sequel to Royal Warfare 1 and Royal Squad. They are quite different, and are still actual and fun to play.

Some tips, hints and info:

  1. Hard mode.
    Basically monsters in the Hard mode are 3 times stronger, and inflict 30% more damage. But the more levels you unlock, the harder become the first Hard levels.
  2. Combinations.
    Combine different classes as they act much better together rather that alone. E.g. a thief can mark his target, and archers, using arrows ignited by red mages can quickly shoot the target down.
  3. There’s no need to complete all arena missions, but it’s a quick way to earn a bunch of stars.
  4. It took almost 5 hours to complete all 30 levels at normal difficulty. Can you make it faster?
  5. Swordmasters are real killing machines vs unarmored light infantry, and can stay long enough vs single strong monsters - just make them enough space to work. But they’re bad vs ranged, armored or fast attacking enemies.
  6. Thieves are highly effective, but need more precision controlls, as they don’t have enough HP or armor.
  7. Experienced units act much better than rookies - they get the boost to the main params, and also their abilities become better. E.g. elite blue mages strike more flash bolts, and etc.

Hope you liked the game. If you have any questions or have a suggestion, feel free to write a comment.
Cheers and good luck!


Thank you for the second game. I really enjoy it, although I like the gameplay from the 1st more, due to few flaws in 2nd gameplay concept.

economy is broken
Each game I choose always the same units - most upgraded and most experienced. Which is dull. Its mostly because of unit limit, free star reverting to boost one unit type, “immortality” of your own troops and one time paying hiring for soldier which make unit cost irrelevant.

Let each battle has own gold limit, for which you hire troops each time for current mission. [drop the unit limit]

On the battle deployment screen you hire either new units or buffed one from previous battles.
The more experienced mercenary is, the more expensive it become (so you can take more newbs or few veterans).

not allocate in units stars become extra cash.
spare gold could be used during Deployment spell,
not used gold during battle become extra experience for troops after won battle

in tavern you will see only unit that survive at least first battle

let each single man be separate upgraded with stars (after death stars can be reused on other units). You can not put more stars than unit exp level.
let each skill be equally good and cost 1 star, only few more powerful skills have the previous skill requirment, but still cost 1 star.

Other thing that I dont like, although they dont break the gameplay (so much :wink:) :

not dying units remove the risk, dumping the game. Making it more “childlish”.

game is too easy. I lose max 2 units per battle and always play at fast forward. i would like to play hard games from start.

priest healing is so good it become necessary to take,
mages are too powerful.
Abilities should has Friendly Fire, it would make game more interesting if i can freeze or poison own troops
meteor strike is to powerful => swap it with fire rain which ignite enemy and do DoT. It also more fit to the Red mage IMO.

why do i need to press the shift to do fast deploy? it should work like that just with mouse click

idea of Castle seems to be put as filler (more feature, so you have to do something with your useless otherwise gold)

Hope you find my feedback useful. I’m aware that you might have diferent vision about what is fun :smile:

Things i particulary like/love:
New UI, it must be lots of coding work and concept thinking.
music, glad you didnt change it
active skills, limited to some units, nicely choose
right click mouse
no unit upgrade to tier 2, didnt like it in 1st royal warfare
new deployment mechanism
new unit upgrades (well thought out)
attempt to create better bound with own units (tavern),*

  • it would be nice , if same type unit graphic differentiate with details - color of clothes, type of mage staff, some unit could fight with other than standard for class weapon, or have different shield. It could be gained through level or upgrade gain.
    f.ex. veteran mage can have broken staff/ longer beard, swordsman with Large Shield upgrade has Kite shield.


Hi, and thanks! In most cases developers don’t receive feedback of such a quality! A typical review consists of a few words, explaining player’s attitude :slight_smile:

At first I planned a completely different global economic scheme and global map. Soldiers could be killed, receive injuries, gain temporary boosts and penalties, player manually selects an upgrade for each soldier, and etc. Tavern had just a few soldiers that could be hired at a moment, so a player should really take care of his troops. There were lots of other ideas - vast maps, combat resource points, and other stuff. But then I ran out of time, and had to simplify lots of things just in order to complete the game in any stance. Even in such a simplified stance it took ages to complete the game.

By the way, right now I’m making a new game in a completely different setting, but it has an economic model partly similar to what you’ve described above. There are two resources: global (credits) and local, related to a current battle (coommand points)

  1. Player spends “Credits” to improve squad’s stats, and gets “Credits” by completing missions and unlocking achievements.
  2. Player spends “Command Points” to hire or upgrade soldiers to a higher tiers.
  3. Player gets “Command Points” by killing enemies.

I hope this time it would be much easier to make a balanced game :slight_smile:

game is too easy

Perhaps you’ll be laughing, but I regulary get complains, that this game is way too hard :slight_smile:

"it would be nice , if same type unit graphic differentiate with details"
It’s quite easy to make, but will greatly increase loading time. RW2’s game engine renders animation at the start of the game. This approach gives a stable FPS and a good performance, but doesn’t give an ability to customize units. But I have a few ideas how to make it btw…


new game in a completely different setting

meh… i love your myth-like setting (even bloodless), shooting with rifles is not my cup of tea.

so you start mission with low Command Point, hire few cannon fodders and then by killing more unit, gain more CP, => hire more unit or upgrade old one.

soldier can live from one mission to another? If so upgraded veterans should cost more CP than newbs, otherwise nobody would hire fresh/different troops.

good luck, hope you would made Royal Warfare 3 one day. :smile:


holas amigos es te juego es jenial me encanta


I absolutely love the idea of having some sort of champion/boss unit that can stand up to powerful foes on their own, and this game has by far the best implication of that out of any RTS game I played (Speaking about swordmasters of course whom the game rightfully hypes up quiet a bit).
Because of this preference of mine, I was so disappointed when I found out that (SPOILERS) the Magic Armor never comes up again after the ambush on the king, was really looking forward to some (not too) op unit to stand in direct opposition to the final boss




hola soy nuevo