Roxie's Kitchen Christmas Cake || Christmas cakes here

Roxie Kitchen Christmas Cake is a fun cooking game for this Christmas season. I really felt the Christmas vibe while playing this game. The cake is the main dessert for this evening. So let us prepare a cake along with little Roxie with lots of fun. :christmas_tree: :santa:

Here is our cute little Roxie who wants to celebrate this season. Help her to cook the cake for all her friends and family and celebrate this season and make her happy. :partying_face: :christmas_tree:

So, as usual, we have to prepare the cake by mixing the ingredients, quantity is the real thing here, Particular quantities should be collected as shown, the correct amount of flour, chocolate, egg yokes. :cake: :cupcake:

and best mixing along with added sugars makes the cake really tasty and firm. :woman_cook:

Place the mixture on the pan and apply ingredients layer after layer while backing and freezing it. :ice_cube:

Simple games make us enthusiastic while cooking, sometimes these products are time taking, so just play this small matching game here. :cake: :moon_cake:

Baking it and freezing it for a particular time. :snowflake:

Roll and apply creams layer after layer as instructed in the game.

finally, decorate it with all the available toppings, finally, this season makes her look more beautiful and tasty. :moon_cake:

Do not forget to dress our cute little Roxie in the latest dresses from our wardrobe. :dress:

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