Roblox which roblox games do you want to play


what types of roblox games do you want to play :smile:


adopt me is my favourite


adopt me is my favorite too :smile: @jazzybearxx


whats your name


hi whats your name at roblox to


well, mine is asernal, project lazarus project shooting games, also adopt meee

Murder Mystery 2
how to play,
Murderer kill everyone and don’t get caught. Left click melee and right click to throw knife
Sheriff find and Kill the murderer but if kill innocent then will also die as well
innocent hide from murderer. if sheriff dies, any innocent can get the gun from the sheriff.
you can trade weapons from other players
now this is the only game i enjoy to play with boys only


i play that but not anymore also whats your name in roblox


Im rich in mm2 last time lol