RoBlOx :v anyways,

umm you play Roblox? cause i do, plus this my last day of school sooo my computer really slow so i cant play Roblox :confused: plus im playing on my old computer at home so it still works my Roblox username is Starless_109


Feels weird- :neutral_face:


Anybody here? :upside_down_face:


yes everyones here online but to me when they didn’t reply you doesn’t mean Like they are not interested about that thing your talking about
they are so quiet and i think i know why
they had nothing else to talk about
well other than that i guess the person who gave a like to your post is probably interested in your topic
and even if you do not understand what i’m talking about i still know what i am talking about

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i am a very nice person, so if you sent friend request to me, i will not block you
you talk to me i will reply with a good comment that makes you happy
i will never expect anyone to give a like to my post or force anyone to reply back to me so thats who i am :slightly_smiling_face:
but however if i choose not to reply to anyone, it’s because either that person is unhappy about my comment or not Loving me enough or it could be because he or she gave that hurtful response to my comment
the only time what i keep quiet is when no one else is interested about what i’m talking about
and then what do i not care about is when everyone is just so quiet in this Y8 Forum
that is all i have to say


awwe thats very nice :innocent: and you are very kind person

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