Roblox : The Uncopylocked

guys im gonna create psz and its has 3 version and gonna create uncopylocked doors

proof :slight_smile:

guys i got banned after building the game so yeah cancel but theres a person that has psz!

so guys i got banned in roblox earlier because i got the official original assets and scripts by preston am so so sorry! so i rather to stay out and i dont wanna got in court to see preston that i got her assets.

Pet Simulator Z (Not Mine) :!/game-instances

even in doors i cant do that sorry!

you deserve be die because you are dumb


you are good criminal huh? i will report you on police at in real life i also gonna report you at roblox for that!

bruh im going to block you

Hello Tapsnap Im Not Still fine for you i tried to chat you but you looks ignored as always well this is your revenge what you waiting for! B*tch!!

ROBLOX SUCKS!!!1 :rage: :imp: :angry:


many roblox girls have block my account
so i make an new roblox account
because something bad happen to my account
it got suspended banned for trolling and swearing at others
new roblox account username: Y8forum
password: i will not give it to you

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yeah i think there are so many young users
and too many girls

i add you btw , i create another pet simulator z with titanic but still fixing the titanic pets.

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