Revenue Share

I have uploaded my game “deadly pursuit” and as soon as I reach 20k-30k plays in 1-2 weeks, I’ll be eligible for revenue share (as I have been told).
I want to ask that when I reach 20k-30k plays, will I be given the revenue share for the plays I earned to become eligible, or will it start all over again after being eligible meaning that after being eligible every 1000 plays will earn me 1$.
Please tell me as soon as possible.
Thank You!

Also I have uploaded my game and have successfully reached 15 thousand plays within 3 days. You can play it:-

Deadly Pursuit Duo is a two player race car driving game. In this game you’ll be able to play three modes namely Campaign, Balance Mode and Challenge. In Campaign you’re going to race through the busy highway. While in Balance Mode, you’ll drive on…

Can u please tell me how can I see the status of the game including revenue, etc?
Note: I haven’t uploaded SDK in my game.
Please tell me so that I can go there and remove my doubts.

Hello, for revenue share you have to add ads or we can add preroll ads in your game

and since such ads are not live, so there is no revenue until you or we add them.

please contact me on ankit.m [at] webgroup-limited dot com

and we can add you under revenue share program.


There are lots of Ankit.m.
Which one are you?
Can you give me a link or something?

I believe you are talking about the documents links

than you can select which revenue share program you want like if you are adding ingame ads, you can add our API features also and exclusive deal to increase your revenue.

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