Report Bugs


I’m stuck on the connecting screen, are the servers down?


Yes, we are experiencing some issues on servers, should be fixed soon.
We will keep you notified.


Ok because i cant even change classes :anguished:


I had in blazer more than 106 thousand kills and what happened that 2 days ago I connected and had like 100, what happened to my kills?


that happened to my gunner :confused:


Hello guys,

sorry for the inconvenience but we had a little server issue maybe a Halloween ghost bugged them :grin:

hopefully things would go better now and in any case you feel something is wrong feel free to report us.



One word: Spooky


I hope u guys can add a option to change your name because my name is changed somehow


Changed when?


2 days ago


can you pm me your current nickname and email, also the new name you would like to use.


Nickname:BETO74(current changed nickname)
I would Like to change it back to Silencer101


thanks. I have asked our developer to take care of it.


Thanks :slight_smile:




Yea.Its changed!
Thank guys :joy:


Happened to me on 26 July…

…but noone answered. Had 15k kills more with commando since then :laughing: Suppose its some rare colateral damage from restart servers.

#521 Servers were down during that time.


I believe its only temp save, sadly. Not as before, to save ur entire progress without any limited time.


The crocodile’s 6-th power is called “Ability Name”. Fix that please.