Release freefall tournament to the world


hey how about we release freefall tournament like other games ex, rules of survival so people will know our game.


I agree with u


The games you listed are battle Royale games
Freefall tournament is in a different genre

But the advertisement idea is a good idea


Most likely make a video like have you played team fortress 2, overwatch or paladins. Then put that your parents won’t allow you to play those games because of blood. Then introduce them to freefall tournament


yeah you got a point in that but my here point is to make fft famous so itwill not be shutdown.


then post freefall tournament to facebook


Not likely because the devs may come back. Plus the game has been around for 7 years


and fft has a facebook, but its still moderated by the original devs; Free Range Games


Though I do have plans when I graduate college in 2022. Create a lot of games for my game dev studio then make it into a company. Once I have enough money. I will ask Y8 if I can buy the rights to FFT.


Me if i graduate i’ll go to the sniper school iwill follow the path of my father.


if you graduated can you show your games?


Most likely yes


do you have enough money to buy fft ithink you will need 1m to buy it.


I don’t but the project I am currently working on is for a community that really enjoys roguelikes

I might get more money from making games or software


hey you want to join my hacker team?


how old are you already dude.


That’s nice but I am okay right now, I created a game studio/company name right now for the project so I can release it on steam or


so what is it iwanna know?


The game is an open world roguelike using libtcod, the source code will be using C++ and the compiler is GCC


Basically it’s going to be similar to caves of qud but 80s style