๐ŸŽ– Realistic Tank War: Battle Tank

Hereโ€™s a cool 3d tank war game that allows you to take control over a military tank and engage in an intense battle against enemy tanks! :medal_military:

Aim precisely :dart: when targetting tanks. Engage in a close shooting of tanks while doing maneuver for your tank to avoid getting overwhelmed by enemy forces!

Key to win is to strategically use your peer tank forces to your advantage! Attack alone and find yourself swarmed by enemy tanks shooting at you from different directions :exploding_head:

Note: Always watch out for your Health Level than can be found near the bottom left of the play screen.

By simply clicking your right mouse button :computer_mouse: It lets you peek into a military-style scope :sunglasses: Use Q key to switch shooting mode.

Feel the excitement of the battle for survival! Destroy all the enemy tanks while staying alive for the win! :trophy: :peace_symbol: :medal_military: You can gain Y8 Achievements :trophy: and top the Y8 Leaderboard for this game! Enjoy Playing! :sunglasses: :video_game:

Play It Now, Just Click on the link below :arrow_down:


That is great @y8rai!

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Good war! :grinning:


Nice game :slight_smile: My only regret is that the German tanks are not very realistically modeled and are not playable




Hey Leo16 it looks like you literally live on this forum. We should think about creating a camping spot somewhere :sweat_smile:

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ok :grinning:, but i am a talking user, you know :wink:

I noticed haha; Well, thanks to you this forum is a little less empty



This game sucks i just got shot at the begiinning they wont update the health

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