🦖 Rampage the City with Rio Rex!

Have you ever experienced playing as Dino? :t_rex: well, here’s the game where you play as the rampaging T-Rex! :t_rex: This time you are let loose in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro and destroy everything in sight! Let’s take a look at some of the game play highlights for this game!


Must be tasty good for this hungry dinosaur T-Rex :t_rex: :rofl:


This T-Rex can shoot flames like a dragon :dragon: :fire:


But needs to eat this box of flames :fire: to power that up


this human challenges the patience of a T-Rex, any last words? :rofl:


T-Rex obviously hates parties! :joy:


T-Rex must destroy the lab


And must fight back against military Tanks

There’s surely a lot of fun playing this game. And sadly, this game is not pro-human this time :joy: You must help the T-Rex destroy its enemies and eat them!

Have fun and play it here :arrow_down:

Play this game in different cities! If you have played them already, which one among this series do you like best?

  • Rio Rex
  • LA Rex
  • Paris Rex
  • Miami Rex
  • Mexico Rex
  • New York Rex
  • London Rex

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