🏁 Race Truck, F1 and Motorcycle in Cross Track Racing!

Want to try a race where you can drive a Truck :truck: , F1 racer :racing_car: and Motorcyle :motorcycle: in a single race :checkered_flag: ? Try this new racing game which is more like a relay game switching into 3 different vehicles each lap. Let’s take a look at some highlights for this game! :wink:


Drive a Truck, Formula One car or a Motorcycle in a single race! :checkered_flag:


Start the game by choosing any team with their flagship colors: Blade, Havoc, Viper, Lightening


Then select track form 1 to 5


Start the exciting race! :traffic_light:


Drive on speed boosters you can find along the road :zap:


Run towards your next vehicle once you reach the end of the lap :running_man: :joy:


Unlock achievements :trophy: and high scores records for this game! :spiral_notepad: :100:

Which team do you like? :wink:
  • Viper
  • Lightening
  • Blade
  • Havoc

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Have a lot of fun playing this unique racing game brought to you by Y8.com!

Play this game here :arrow_down:


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