🚚 Race, Drift and Jump with Real Simulator Monster Truck!

Real Simulator Monster Truck is a high speed 3D car driving game that lets you drive monster trucks. Start playing by choosing from 3 modes: Racing, Stunt and Free Drive. In racing, compete against other monster trucks and win the game by reaching the finish line first to collect money and make upgrades. Play stunts and score points on drifting, breaking boxes and jumping on ramps! Collect money for each wins and buy new monster trucks! :truck:

Play the exciting three Modes:

:arrow_right: Racing :racing_car:


Racing against other monster trucks with 12 levels to complete.

:arrow_right: Stunt :skateboard:



Stunt mode have also 12 levels to play

:arrow_right: Free Drive :oncoming_automobile:

This mode allows you to choose from 4 different maps to play on such as Forest, Desert, Snow and Moon.


Forest :palm_tree:


Desert :desert:


Snow :snowman:


Moon :first_quarter_moon:

Garage Upgrades


You can choose a lot of cool designs :paintbrush: for Skin upgrades


For each truck model you can have upgrades for its Top Speed, Acceleration, Brake power and Tire traction :dollar:

Enjoy the adrenaline rush and lots of upgrade :wrench: possibilities :shopping_cart: for this amazing game! :sunglasses: Save your progress with Y8 save feature and set records with Y8 highscore feature!

Play this game here :arrow_down:


omgg wwow i like to play it!

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