Prop Busters Game



The long awaited hide and seek game, Prop Busters! Choose an item and find a place to hide. You want to blend in, so try to find items that look like you. As a hunter, find the items that don’t look right. Blast them, see if they run away. :grinning:

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Hide Online
Hide Online

nice game i love it today i play it


Maçante e feio


Nice game


how can i morph into a painting?


Hi, it’s not implemented yet, but devs are working on a full version of the game (currently in Beta) so transforming into painting should come in future! :slight_smile:


ah, ok! thank you, Dea! :slight_smile:


U’re welcome! :wink:


Is this made by the same people as Hide Online?


best game…but is this game online


Yes Online Multiplayer




I love this game


The game is much too easy for hunters because

  1. they can run too fast
  2. props don’t hear them run (so they do not hear when a hunter is getting closer)
  3. hunters do not even have shot very precisely to hurt props. Three fast shots in a row and the prop is dead.

In summary: Once a prop has been seen by a hunter there’s no way to escape.

This makes the game very boring.